First blog post

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Be unique. Be You! In a world that is dead due to the forest fire, stand out firm and strong like the yellow colored leaf on the pile of dried dead leaves. No matter what, you stand true to yourself. Be that blue gem on a scatter of orange gems. Never change for someone else. You trust you for you are the gem you should think you are. Only then do you stand out like the diamond. Only another diamond is able to cut a diamond. When you feel so lonely that you have none, you should realize your worth, the very fact that you have ‘You’. What’s more important than that? Time to contemplate.

The Marigold Plot

The orange and the yellow Marigold flowers are planted together. A few months later, a combination of yellow and orange beautifies the spot. An important take from this is ‘adjustment’. Learn to co-exist with one another. There are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians etc. but ultimately we are all Indians like how there are so many colors in Marigold flowers planted together but ultimately all are just Marigolds and they thrive together. There are Indians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Americans but ultimately all of us are Human Beings! To live in peace and to let others live in peace should be the motto. Never must one be the rotten apple which spoils others in the basket. In a pot that is brimming over with milk, blending like the sugar to turn it sweeter is important. Be like the Marigold Plot!

Good Morning!

Each morning starts with contemplating thoughts over a cup of coffee in front of the scenic Coorg coffee plantations at home. The sun-kissed greenery called for a moment to celebrate on 20th April, 2017. That moment was the celebration of ‘her’ passion. Her passion for writing. Here I am with my first blog post. Let’s celebrate every day like its a good morning. Let’s embrace life as it comes!